This website is a unique, creative and personalized approach to teaching and learning science. It is an all-inclusive educational marketplace that caters to learners and educators of all levels. The content includes lectures, study guides, video tutorials, diagrams, pictures, practice tests and other related teaching and learning ancillaries. Subjects include Physics, Astronomy, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physiology & Anatomy, and Mathematics. All subjects are continuously updated with new material. This resource of educational material was created as a result of the author’s extensive travels to every continent on Earth, from pole to pole and around the equator, in order to make this series of educational material by gaining the first-hand knowledge of the science of everyday phenomena at work in some of the remotest places on the Planet.

About the Author

My name is Dr. Neil M. Mulchan. I have spent my entire adult life studying the science of the universe. The result is a creative approach to presenting the science of everyday phenomena to people of all ages.

I have spent over 20 years as a professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Earth Science. I hold a Ph.D. in Theoretical & Applied Physics, with a specialization in Quantum Optics & Material Science. I am a published author with numerous research papers and articles in internationally recognized scientific journals. I serve as an expert reviewer on the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

By merging my passion for adventure and science, this educational marketplace was born. I have traveled to and explored every continent on Earth and all 50 States in the United States. Together with my years in formal education, my unparalleled adventures across the planet from pole to pole and around the equator have granted me a unique view of the Earth and our place on it. This is the perspective that is shared in the lectures presented on this website. I hope the reader finds the material enlightening.


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From dog-sledging in the Arctic winters of Sweden to mountaineering uncharted landscapes of Antarctica. From trekking the Amazon Jungles of Ecuador to scaling the Cliffs of Ireland.

From spelunking the caves of China to mountain biking the world’s deadliest road on Bolivia’s “Death Road.” From camping under the midnight Sun in the far north of Norway and Finland to open-ocean kayaking off the Shetland Islands in the Southern Ocean’s home of killer Orca whales.

From days of crossing the Andes Mountains and jungles of Peru towards Macchu Picchu to tenting in the open plains of Africa’s Masai Mara in Kenya and Tanzania’s vast Serengeti. From ice-climbing the glaciers of Alaska to drifting through glow-worm caves in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

From diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, to scaling the volcanic lava fields of Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Join me on an educational adventure of exploration to every corner of the globe to see science at work in some of the most remote places on Earth. View my exploration adventures in the Travelog section!

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