Welcome to my Travelog! This is a collection of pictures and videos from my travels around the world.

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In October of 2016, me and my buddy Adam took a flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for an adventure weekend in Medellin, Colombia. The relatively short 3.5-hour nonstop flight was uneventful. At the airport in Medellín we headed over to the “Yellow Cab” kiosk and hired a taxi to take us on the 40-minute drive […]

Here’s the story of our journey north, to Lappland inside Norway’s Arctic Circle! My wife Felizia (who’s Swedish) and I embarked on this trip in the middle of summer, July, actually. But this was Scandinavia, so warm clothing was still necessary, as daytime temperatures were in the 50’s – 60’s, and nighttime lows could easily […]